The Institution

Institutions # of Awards Award Totals

A  Top

Afghan Coalition1$99,125
Alameda County Health Care Foundation1$10,000
Alta Bates Summit Medical Foundation2$513,125
Asian Health Services3$408,100
Association of Black Women Physicians1$35,211

B  Top

Bay View-Hunter's Point Health Care Task Force2$10,136
Beckman Research Institute of the City of Hope35$8,497,481
Black Women for Wellness1$8,000
Buck Institute for Age Research2$1,208,720

C  Top

California Institute of Technology4$317,633
California Pacific Medical Center Research Institute23$5,897,995
California School of Professional Psychology1$307,456
California State University, Fresno Foundation1$50,400
California State University, Northridge1$84,366
Cancer Prevention Institute of California23$9,539,475
Cancer Research Institute of Contra Costa2$661,487
Cedars-Sinai Medical Center6$1,175,801
Central Coast Center for Independent Living1$125,000
Charles R. Drew University of Medicine & Science2$734,205
Charlotte Maxwell Complementary Clinic4$222,999
CHG Foundation1$58,530
Childrens Hospital, Los Angeles5$1,714,772
Circulo de Vida Cancer Support and Resource Center1$313,067
City of Hope National Medical Center3$1,017,998
Coalition for a Safe Environment1$93,750
CSU Fullerton Auxiliary Services Corporation2$129,573
Cytel Corporation1$304,385

D  Top

Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation6$976,559

E  Top

Epimmune Inc.1$85,349

G  Top

Geron Corporation1$224,149
Golden Valley Health Centers2$603,998
Greater Los Angeles Council on Deafness, Inc.1$375,000
Guam Communications Network, Inc.1$376,796

H  Top

Hermes Biosciences, Inc.1$131,823
Humboldt Community Breast Health Project2$78,290
Humboldt State University Sponsored Programs Foundation1$217,102
Huntington Medical Research Institute1$365,446

I  Top

Impact Assessment, Inc.2$219,946

J  Top

John Wayne Cancer Institute7$2,343,381

K  Top

Kaiser Foundation Research Institute13$2,073,282
Korean Health, Education, Information and Research Cntr1$36,321

L  Top

LA Biomedical Research Institute at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center2$384,740
La Jolla Institute for Allergy and Immunology1$196,900
La Jolla Institute for Molecular Medicine9$2,067,555
Latinas Contra Cancer2$50,000
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory54$9,907,227
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory10$2,865,518
Loma Linda University2$509,776
Long Beach Memorial Medical Center2$57,710
Lyon-Martin Women's Health Services2$193,414

M  Top

Marin Breast Cancer Watch3$334,207
Mendocino Cancer Resource Center3$434,522
Molecular Medicine Research Institute4$0
Molecular Research Institute1$112,041

N  Top

National Office of Samoan Affairs1$430,536
Northern Sierra Rural Health Network3$310,540
Nova R & D, Inc.1$126,280

O  Top

Operation Samahan Inc.2$106,000
Orange County Asian and Pacific Islander Community Alliance, Inc.1$187,500

P  Top

Palo Alto Institute for Research & Education3$390,220
Palo Alto Medical Foundation Research Institute1$212,648
Pangene Corporation2$391,320
Proteomics Research Institute for Systems Medicine1$292,500
Public Health Institute11$3,455,766

Q  Top

Quinn Community Outreach Corporation1$62,500

S  Top

Salk Institute for Biological Studies11$1,350,526
Samoan National Nurses Association1$125,039
San Diego State University1$206,027
San Diego State University Research Foundation5$611,938
San Francisco Department of Public Health1$73,361
San Francisco State University1$23,995
San Joaquin Valley Health Consortium1$138,500
Scripps Clinic & Research Foundation1$0
Scripps Research Institute60$11,565,056
Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center17$4,893,643
Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital Cancer Center1$46,410
Sierra Streams Institute2$315,489
SRI International13$4,926,537
Stanford University81$17,712,771

T  Top

Thai Health and Information Service1$88,427
The Burnham Institute for Medical Research78$17,868,617
The Regents of the University of California1$10,000
The Sierra Fund1$197,283
The Wellness Community-National2$316,851
Torrey Pines Institute for Molecular Studies4$788,026
Turtle Health Foundation1$87,875

U  Top

University of California, Berkeley32$7,786,695
University of California, Davis47$7,524,367
University of California, Irvine42$5,803,241
University of California, Los Angeles71$12,104,691
University of California, Merced1$193,750
University of California, Riverside4$1,137,187
University of California, San Diego55$8,913,228
University of California, San Francisco139$26,785,652
University of California, Santa Barbara3$290,403
University of California, Santa Cruz3$716,292
University of San Diego1$85,430
University of Southern California85$30,217,929

V  Top

Vaccine Research Institute of San Diego1$279,336
Vista Community Clinic2$481,514

W  Top

WISE & Healthy Aging1$93,750
Women of Color1$58,350
Women of Color Breast Cancer Survivors Support Project2$10,676
Women of Essence1$62,500
Women's Cancer Resource Center4$873,916